Making Crypto Purchases #1
Posted on 6:20 pm 01/24/2023
Due to restrictions with our operating script, Coinpayments is the only processor that we can display. Due to their High Minimum Payment levels and Fees You DO NOT have to use them.
We suggest that you start your purchase through Coinpayments just to get the amount that you need to send. Click the "Pay with Coinpayments" button and this will display the amounts of Crypto needed to complete your purchase. DO NOT CLICK "Complete Payment".
Make a note of the amount of Crypto displayed and then EXIT the Store.
Go to your preferred Wallet and send the relevant amount Crypto to:
Bitcoin: 3DugvEvtwAFEmSnuCQB6YMbs5c3SJTDEYs
Dogecoin: DQp89SmVvaqzmSTj9PrNC7WvxyrWc5gmFa
Litecoin: MU1ET4CUHnmswcyiL7JVpCCdVamBBJfx9x

If your Wallet is at Coinbase, you can use their email payment system and pay ZERO fees. Send your payment to

Allpurchases will be manually processed as quickly as possible.
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Re: Making Crypto Purchases #2
Posted on 10:42 am 03/12/2023
You accept faucetpay? I will send you $2.50 direct transfer for 10000 PTC credits.
Re: Making Crypto Purchases #3
Posted on 6:59 pm 03/13/2023
Yes, we will accept a direct payment within Faucetpay. However, our BOGO ended 2 days ago. For $2.50 you would get 5000 PTC credits.
We reduced the cost of the credits from 0.75 per thousand to 0.50 at the weekend.

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