Important Update #1
Posted on 2:25 am 03/01/2023
Since we re-opened the site five weeks ago we have had just three cash sales from our members. Two of those were for Revenue Shares which meant that the full sale price was refunded to the members, together with their profit earned.

This has resulted in our stock of Dogecoin running out after today's payment. Our reserves of Litecoin are also starting to run low and sales through Payeer have not yet allowed us to open the processor for payouts.

We have tried to give members some encouragement by offering Bonuses and Discounts, not to mention the current advertising special that is in the Store, but still nobody wats to spend any money.

In an attempt to keep the site sustainable we have had to resort to some drastic measures.

1. Standard members payments have changed to every 14 days instead of 7 days. If sales do not improve dramatically, we will have to change again to 30 days.

2. Upgraded members payments are now restricted to Bitcoin only. If an upgraded member tries to withdraw Litecoin they will incur 100% fees, giving them Zero balance to withdraw.

We are very sorry that these actions have been necessary, but without them the site would not be sustainable.

Please be assured that these changes are temporary and will be reversed when members start making some purchases.

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